What do the columns mean?

Find out what each column represents

1.   Keyword controls


a.   Chart – View the historical keyword data for a single keyword

b.   Tags – Tags currently associated with the single keyword

c.   Spyglass – Click the Spyglass icon to view the current live result


2.   Domain

3.   Keyword

4.   Start – First recorded value (can be edited by clicking on it)

5.   Google page - Where SerpBook finds you ranking

6.   Google Rank

7.   Bing Rank

8.   Yahoo Rank

9.   Day Change

10.   Week Change

11. Month Change

12. Life Change (Compares current ranking with start ranking)

13.   Date Added – Indicates which date the keyword was added

14.   SERP Features – site links, video, featured snippet, reviews, News Box, Local Pack

15.   COMP - Competition (The number of indexed pages)

16.   Monthly Searches – How many monthly searches this keyword receives (exact, region based)

Additionally, at the bottom of your category tab are three other features/buttons.

17.  Update Keyword Rankings – For manually refreshing your keywords to check if there are any changes

18.  Export Keywords

19.  Notes – to mark milestones of changes that you would like to monitor closer

20.  Show all charts – shows each keywords metrics over time graphically

21. Change Category Dates

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