So the way SerpBook works is when you add any keyword will do a unique search for this keyword. No matter what you add, even if it's a duplicate keyword, we're going to do a unique search for each keyword added in.

So let's say you have two categories. And you decide to add in to the same keywords into two different categories. You may see one, reporting at #8, and the other one might be reporting at #9. The reason for this is that because we will do a unique search for both keywords and a separate query on each one, and we don't actually cache any of the data, so we may get two different results.

Depending on the Google Data Center, the results are connecting to you may see a slight discrepancy. This is completely normal from what our experiences and it's actually good because it will give you a wider range of results of where your site may be bouncing around. In our experience, if you wait a few days then to stabilize and once it stabilizes, this should give you a more granular set of results.

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