If you believe that you are getting inaccurate results from Serpbook, kindly follow these steps:

1. Verify the rankings using the Spyglass tool

Serpbook's Spyglass tool gives you a copy of the search results Serpbook found when performing the query. This can be used to verify the rankings you are getting from Serpbook. If the ranking you are seeing from the Spyglass tool is different from the rankings you have obtained through a Manual Search you have performed, please move on to step 2.

2. If you have performed a Manual Search, please make sure that the URL on your Manual Search Results matches the URL being tracked by Serpbook.

3. Check if you are located at the same location of your Manual Search Results. If you have set Serpbook to find the rankings on Google.co.uk, for example, your Manual Search should be performed from the UK because not doing so may lead to variance in the rankings. 

Google tailors search results according to the location from which the search is being performed.

Furthermore, because SerpBook performs a regional broad search, if you are tracking Google.co.uk but you are performing a Manual Search from a specific city like "Brighton, United Kingdom", you might not see the same results as Serpbook. Please set the location to the same city you are in.

If it is not possible for you to perform the search from the same location, you can use a web proxy that matches the correct IP location to make the manual search. For example for the UK: http://teleportyou.com/United%20Kingdom/
If after taking these steps your Manual Search Results are different from Serpbook's, then it is likely due to the fact that Google has different data centers which often take time to all "balance out" their rankings, leading to a "bouncing around" of the keywords from rank to rank. 

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