Groups are simply an organization method that binds together your keywords. You can set them up in anyway you'd like. You can group together a client, a site, or simply mix any URL/keyword combination in a category. 

Adding Groups

Simply click on +Add Group on the bottom left navigation pane.

One way to effectively organize your groups is to have a prefix.

For example:

0000 – Group 1
0001 – Group 2

Then sort ascending or descending by clicking on the gear icon and then on the three lines next to Groups.

Adding a Sub Group

You can add a subgroup by toggling on Sub-Group when adding in a new Group. The parent group must have at least one keyword for it to save otherwise it will disappear.

Managing Groups

Managing your groups is quick and easy in SerpBook. You can manage groups one at a time or manage 2 or more groups simultaneously. Just click on the gear icon at the bottom of the left pane and you will be given the option to edit, delete, archive, get ViewKeys, and download list of keywords in .csv format.

Edit Group

You can edit groups one at a time by clicking on the pencil icon.

This is where you can rename the group and/or merge groups. There’s also an option for you to make it a subgroup of an already existing group. There is an option where you can require a password for the shared ViewKey and override ViewKey data. For more information about ViewKeys, please check here.

Merging Groups

To merge groups, you must rename the group the same as the other group you wish to merge into. 

If you are combining two categories that has the same exact URL/Keyword combination, all these keywords and URLs will be merged too.

Archiving Groups

SerpBook allows you to archive groups to remove it from your account while having an option to restore it at a later time. When archived, all of the historical information will remain. Simply access the Archived Groups section to restore an archived group.

We hope you find this helpful! If you need any further assistance, please contact us and we'll be more than glad to help you out.

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