Whitelabel reports are basically completed reports that can be rebranded with your own logo and descriptions, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

These can be great for anyone handling multiple clients or even individuals who want to make their reports stand out and with SerpBook you can do just that with ease and at no extra charge. We're sure you'll love the result. 

Account wide customization can be updated within your settings. Just follow these simple steps to customize the reports with your desired brand name, logo and description. 

Step 1: Go to Settings by clicking on your name on the upper right corner
Step 2:
Under Reports tab update the following:

  • Mail from - where you want to email to appear from
  • Sender Name - what name you want to appear on the email
  • Subject - email subject you want, you can include %category% to include the group name on the subject
  • Attachment name format - the format you want the reports to be named. You can either select timestamp or the group name

  • Message - body of the email
  • Name - name of the company you want to appear on the report
  • URL - your company’s URL where you’ll be directed if you click on the company logo
  • Logo URL - the logo you want to show on the report
  • Description - your company description to show on the report

Step 3: When you’re done modifying the settings on how you want the reports to show just click on Save Changes.

Your reports should be now Whitelabel. You can schedule these reports or export to PDF as per your requirements and yes it's actually that simple!

Not just that, you can also Override Viewkey Logo/ Description by editing the group as seen below, which makes sharing your data much easier, that too with your own branding! 

Step 1: Click Manage Groups
Step 2: Click the three dots on the right side of the group
Step 3: Select Edit Group
Step 4: Toggle on Override ViewKey Data
Step 5: Enter the following:

  • ViewKey Company Name
  • ViewKey Company Link
  • ViewKey Company Logo
  • ViewKey Company Description


If this information is not showing up in your ViewKeys, please ensure you have this enabled within your settings.

We hope you find this helpful! If you need any further assistance, please contact us and we'll be more than glad to help you out.

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