Local Maps Tracking can be added in by navigating to the second tab when you add keywords in.

Keywords tracked through this setting, will be tracked on maps.google.com instead of Google.com.

You can also input a location by clicking on "Change Location" - we will internally bing a longitude/latitude to this location and search this with the appropriate zoom level.

Factors that can affect the results

Often you may see results that do not match the results you are seeing. There are several factors that can influence what we are seeing, some factors include:
-Long/Lat of searched location
-Zoom level

You can see that as you search for a new keyword and navigate to a new location, you can "Search This Area" and each time this is done (along with the zoom level) will return different results.

We recommend setting a specific address as the location to perform a search from for the most accurate results, otherwise if you leave it as a broad region/city/state you may see different results.

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